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About A Project of Hope

With so much misery in the world and so many people in need of a helping hand from their neighbors,  A Project of Hope was created to help fill the gaps left behind and between larger organizations working towards the same or similar goals.  There are many gaps.

However, we think 'smaller' can be better because we are personally familiar with the circumstances that our funding is contributing towards improving. Then, after the people of a particular village in Malawi say for instance, improve and become not only healthier but more self-preserving, our focus can move on to the next village and so on; one village at a time.

A Project of Hope is an international humanitarian organization based in Atlanta, GA.  It was established in 2003 to help fight the effects of global poverty with a special emphasis on empowering impoverished women and mothers in order to help strengthen families, protect and foster the development of orphans and other vulnerable children, and to help communities work themselves out from poverty.  

Women are at the heart of our community-based efforts - to increase access to clean water and sanitation, to expand economic opportunity, to support basic education, to prevent the spread of HIV and other life threatening diseases, and preserve natural resources for future generations while doing so. A Project of Hope also delivers emergency aid to survivors of natural disasters to help people rebuild their lives.
To serve individuals and families in the poorest communities of developing countries promoting symbiotic, sustainable solutions to problems having poverty and illiteracy as their root causes; promoting health, hope, and lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help and delivering relief during periods of emergent need.

Wrap Around Planning. 

A key aspect of our approach to helping people & changing lives is the idea of wrap-around planning. Widely used in the U.S. in family based therapeutic interventions and case planning, the idea is to identify every strength that an individual, his/her family and community might possess. Relying on and building upon these strengths enhances ownership by the primary people concerned, is more cost-effective in the long-run, and improves the likelihood of sustainable successes.  This approach centers as well around family and community values, treating individuals, families and their cultural heritage with the utmost of dignity and respect.

baobab Wisdom
is like the
baobab tree . . .

No one person
can fully embrace it!

- African saying

The other key feature to wrap-around planning that is so beneficial in a developing country is its reliance upon the individuals of a family or a community to determine the nature of the solution that they seek and the kind they will work to help implement and maintain.
A Project of Hope builds around these things seeking not to dictate 'what is right' to people who are already expert on their own lives, values and culture, but rather instead seeking to empower them thus transforming their lives into the success stories they may very well already envision.
Together with the strengths analysis, the development and realization of these ideas produce a ‘hand in glove’ feel of comfort, appropriateness, and achievement of goals being pursued. When implemented with equal measures of compassion and respect, we believe lasting contributions are made.
children returning from school


The families being served in 2002-3 named our organization for the 'hope' they identified ( . . . fervent in spirit, rejoicing in hope . . . ) that such a helping hand provided them.


Helping people . . . Changing Lives.