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At times we are moved by the unmet needs of our global neighbors, yet we fail to take action simply because of the size or complexity of the issue.  'How can we - as just one person - have an effect on such a huge problem?', we might ask?'

Still whatever our values or beliefs may be, we recognize that most worthwhile accomplishments, occur only as the result of deliberate, collaborative efforts by caring individuals; efforts that nearly always begin as the work of just a few individuals.

If you would like to help in A Project of Hope, please consider doing one or more of the following things:

Donate to Our Cause

Make a tax deductible contribution by sending your check to:

                                        c/o Treasurer, A Project of Hope, Inc.
                       363 Relative Trail
                                        McDonough, GA  30253
                                        The United States of America

Help Us Care for a Specific Child

Just click HERE if you would like to sponsor an individual child.  We will email you confirmation.  Have the name of the child that you wish to sponsor handy.  The rest is easy.

Gifts in Memoriam

Remember A Project of Hope, Inc. in your estate planning or in the way you would like to remember a loved one who has passed. Practical suggestions about how simple this can be are available simply by contacting our estate planner now. Just click here to discuss how you can memorialize your contributions according to your wishes. 

Please note that all contributions are tax deductible.  No board member or executive staff receives a salary for their efforts on behalf of A Project of Hope, Inc. as all are volunteers.  As a result, an exceptionally high percentage of money donated to A Project of Hope, Inc. is directed solely for operational use in achieving its mission goal:  Helping People . . . Changing Lives!


Come join our team of volunteers.  If you are willing to make a minimal commitment to A Project of Hope over the next eighteen months, please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss current possibilities.

Especially if you are just starting out, currently between full-time obligations, or if you have recently begun your retirement, please consider this alternative. Just contact our volunteer coordinator to find out more about helping in this way.  Thank you for becoming a part of our mission and for expressing your priorities in this way!