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Helping People . . . Changing Lives

Welcome to A Project of Hope

A 501 (c) (3) private, not for profit, non-governmental organization (NGO)

A Project of Hope was formed during the great famine of southern Africa in 2002-2003.  For Malawi, this was the worst famine that it had had in fifty years.  Since then, they have actually had another famine worse than that one.

During the first of these two famines, many people in the southern region simply could not get enough food despite assurances that much grain was being shipped to Africa.  Young people's development was threatened while the elderly languished in a pain long-remembered.  One old man came to us in the midst of his starvation complaining that he was so hungry that he had begun to eat dirt.  (Read more about this famine in the short-story/account, 'Faces of Famine', courtesy of World Literacy Initiative).

What could be done to help these people? 

What hope could be offered to them?

A Project of Hope
thus begins with the human tragedies that many people in our world must face; people in our global community.  It attempts to comprehend the unimaginable existence when there is no electricity and no running water.  When cooking, even when there is food, requires the added burden of carrying water from a distant river or pump and collecting scraps of fire wood to boil it before it is fit for human consumption.  Of growing up without ever knowing the reassurance of a clean, safe home or of having both parents.

children helping children

A Project of Hope is our attempt to reach out to our global neighbors and to lend the helping hand that we would hope and pray for if we had been born in their village instead of our own. 

We are trying to help them attain a quality of life that provides for the future of their children but which is also sustainable through their own means so that other villages might be helped.

The focus of these efforts is on orphans and other vulnerable children who populate developing countries.  In Malawi, the orphans alone account for more than 5% of the countries total population.  These children and the others who are at risk are the ones that we concentrate our attention on.  To do this, we help the women who are their foster care-givers and the surrounding villages that comprise these children's home community.

This is A Project of Hope.  Visit our About page to learn more about this young organization and its own hope to help people and change lives.  Look over our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to answer some of the more typical questions that you may have. 

Then, click on Programs to discover what our current ongoing efforts are all about.  Our links page will connect you with other organizations similar to our own that help form a great network of agencies and programs designed to help the developing nations of our world. 

See the rest of your options in the 'site map' at the bottom of every page and in the navigation window to the upper left of each page.  There, links to all pages can be found. 

Finally, we hope after reviewing these things you will be moved to find a way to help us help them.  Explore your options to lend a helping hand on our How to Help page and thanks for doing this in advance.

Welcome to A Project of Hope

Please let us know what you think
of our organization, its mission and our web site.


Helping People . . . Changing Lives.

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